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Review: Ikkadian - Of Alpha And Omega

Let's be honest, for a whole year of releases, few albums really stand out and make you listen to them again. Obviously many quality works are being released, but those which grab you by the neck and earn special place in your collection, are really not that many. Ikkadian is an American band that emerged recently and has just released their first album, entitled "Of Alpha And Omega". The power trio is formed by John Cornell (guitars and bass), Michael Arcane (drums) and Donny Doss (vocals). The guys just ravage your ears with a Blackened Death Metal, very interesting. The production and recording style they chose has an old school sound, creating its own identity and giving more power to the compositions. The instruments are very dry and sharp as a razor, accompanied by a powerful voice, choked and cavernous, achieving even more extremity. The feeling is that we're in the studio with the band. It is notorious that they have the ease of composing and performing with confidence each piece of music. The drums always dictates the pace of the sound massacre, dosing perfectly the faster and more rhythmic parts. What calls attention are the guitar riffs, followed closely by the bass. The precise and accurate picking is jaw dropping! I will not mention the obvious influences on the Ikkadian sound, you will notice them easily when you hear them. "Of Alpha And Omega" is available for free to download on the band's page. If you are a collector, there is a limited edition, hand-numbered and autographed. I've grabbed mine what about you? 9/10

by Pedro Humangous

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