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Review: Promethee - Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.

According to the Greek mythology, Prometheus had created men using water and mud, besides having stolen fire from Zeus and given to mortals. Thousands of years later, the Swiss band Promethee toasts men of today with their compelling, complex and brilliantly music developed throughout the ten tracks that comprise the album "Nothing Happens. Comes Nobody, Nobody Goes. "The group was formed in 2008 and has been gradually consolidating themselves in the local and global scenario. The secret of success is perhaps its authenticity by practicing a modern sound, multifaceted, intricate, but very captivating. Almost imperceptibly, they are able to tile their biggest influences, walking together. A strong Hardcore base embraces  progressive lines varying in super techniques, all wrapped in an extreme layer. The guitars come with an absurd distortion thanks to its low pitch. However, it hasn’t  left out the content of melody, which plays an important role in the final outcome. The vocals brighten even more the music, abusing the songs with anger and despair. The ability with which they have to create atmospheric songs is worthy of applause - listen "Of Loss And Disgust" and "Sickness Unto Death" and prove it yourself. You see, I'm used to listen to hundreds of albums from various styles throughout the year. Very few surprises at the first spin like this one. And each new twist that the album gets, more interesting it becomes. I was surprised, stunned and delighted by the sound of Promethee. Be sure to listen to them in any way! 9/10

by Pedro Humangous

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