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Review: Karybdis - From The Depths

The British metal scene is bubbling and strongly ascending. There was not such a thing since the NWOBHM days in the eighties. Several great bands are emerging from there and gaining worldwide recognition.  Karybdis is definitely one of them. I already had contact with their music a few years ago when I found the "War For Land" EP in a store here in my town. This year they decided to join forces to compose and release their first full album entitled "From The Depths". The album is a real head knocker that makes you dizzy without a warning. It's hard to describe the sound that they practice, but it would be something close to a modern thrash metal and groove filled with Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal. Think of a genetic mutation between Lamb Of God and The Black Dahlia Murder and you will have a brief idea of what to expect. Before pushing the play button on your stereo, do not forget to stretch your neck because the impact is violent - I wonder how these songs sound live ... total mayhem! Altogether there are ten tracks that grind and excite your ears from start to finish. They have managed to create a nice atmosphere for each song, leaving the hearing varied and engaging, holding you until the last second that the album offers. Open your eyes to what happens in that small (geographically speaking) country in Europe and surprise yourself. The only thing that puzzled me is the fact they haven’t signed with a label yet. I think it's just a matter of time. 9/10

by Pedro Humangous

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