sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

Homenagem ao DIO!

O vocalista Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARK) fez uma música em homenagem ao Dio, chamada de "Song for Ronnie James", para seu novo álbum intitulado "Dio".

Jorn Lande: Lead Vocals
Willy Bendiksen: Drums
Tore Moren: Guitar
Jgor Gianola: Guitar
Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar
Nic Angileri: Bass


01. Song For Ronnie James
02. Invisible
03. Shame on the Night
04. Push
05. Stand Up And Shout
06. Don't Talk to Strangers
07. Lord Of The Last Day
08. Night People
09. Sacred Heart
10. Sunset Superman
11. Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (2010 version)
12. Kill The King
13. Straight Through The Heart (live)
14. Song For Ronnie James (video)

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